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 Meet the Team Behind McMillan Claim Service

Founded in 1947, McMillan has 7 offices strategically located throughout the state of Colorado.  Our locations are situated in a manner that we can reach nearly any town in Colorado within about 2 hours.  While there are some exceptions, we are almost always the closest company available. Our adjusters are well seasoned professionals that work for us full time and take great pride in customer service. We specialize in Residential Property, Personal Lines, Commercial Lines, Farm/Ranch, Liability, Heavy Equipment, Trucking, Scene Investigation, and Casualty claims. Thank you for considering McMillan Claim Service for all your Independent Adjuster needs.

Jason Neve

Owner / Claims Manager

(719) 332-0607

Jason started his career in 1997 training with local adjusters in Colorado and ultimately getting his first catastrophe assignment in 1998 with Eberl’s Claim Service. Together with his wife Cheryl, they worked catastrophe claims throughout the US for 7 years. They both eventually moved into managerial positions with Jason becoming a flood specialist and developing a training course for efficiently completing flood claims. In 2007, in a move to stop traveling and start a family, he and Cheryl purchased McMillan Claim Service of Pueblo. For the next 11 years, he established a reputation of being an exceptional property and liability adjuster. In 2018 after the acquisition of the Durango and Montrose offices, he took over full time management of the McMillan adjusters throughout the state. Over the 15 years with McMillan, Jason & Cheryl successfully united the offices of McMillan Claim Service. Jason now leads the company under the mantra, “We strive to provide better customer service, a higher quality claim product and an attention to detail that is unparalleled. It is also extremely important to us that the adjusters that work for us, love doing so.” While managing adjusters, he strives to make them feel appreciated while living up to the extremely high standard McMillan has set over 75 years. There is nothing Jason won’t do to take care of insurance carriers and the adjusters that serve them. 

Jason Neve.jpg
Cheryl Neve.jpg


Cheryl is the Operations Manager and ultimately the heartbeat of the company. Her career started working catastrophe claims alongside Jason until 2005 when she was promoted to trainer. Her knowledge, patience and work ethic made her the perfect person to get new hires from barely able to survive, to thriving catastrophe adjusters by teaching organization, attention to detail and a deep pride in their work product. In 2007, she took those skills and applied them to the position of McMillan Operations Manager. From organizing every file for every claim, assigning claims and processing them to billing to collections and archiving completed files, she is the single person who keeps things running.  Her work ethic and sheer determination shine during the largest claim inundations. There is no one who pushes harder during the toughest times than Cheryl. Her and Jason compliment one another and have succeeded in this industry working together for 25 years. She is the very definition of customer service, making sure adjusters, carriers and insureds always have someone who will get it done!


Brad is our Senior Adjuster at our Pueblo, CO office. He started as a catastrophe adjuster in 2001 and working alongside Jason & Cheryl through 2007 handling hail, hurricane, wind and fire claims. In 2007, Brad joined the McMillan family part time, working claims when he wasn’t on assignment. He was coveted, but out of reach until 2016 when he joined full time. He has been simply the perfect adjuster throughout his tenure. He brings to the table a work ethic and efficiency that is rarely found, along with communication skills that keep people calm and attentive in difficult situations. It’s difficult to put to words how he balances speed and performance with thoroughness and accuracy. Brad’s skills as an adjuster are that of a seasoned veteran who still loves the job. He is the perfect example of what an all lines adjuster should be. No one gets more compliments from both carriers and insureds. 

Brad Matthews.jpg
Kevin Bell.jpg


Kevin is our Senior Adjuster at our Durango, CO location. He has worked for McMillan Claim Service since 2018 when he was hired with just 2 years of adjusting experience.  Surprisingly, he was chosen over another candidate with 9 years experience as it was clear his personality, knowledge of construction and work ethic, along with his background in law enforcement would make him a perfect fit for our brand of claims. That decision proved to be the right one as Kevin has excelled as a property and liability adjuster. His reports and investigations are thorough and detailed while always maintaining a level of customer service that is unparalleled. His estimating skills have become top tier and it’s become routine to get compliments on his work from both desk adjusters and insureds.  


Dan was working in the roofing industry when he reached out to McMillan with his desire to move into claims adjusting. With a background in agriculture, construction and even ceramics, his wealth of knowledge along with adjuster training made him a candidate for our training program. In this program, he worked alongside the office manager reading and reviewing reports, seeing how the best adjusters in the business reported, estimated and ultimately closed claims. After a year of training, he was slowly moved into handling claims as well as working in the office. It didn’t take long for an opening to come available in our Ft. Collins office. While he was new to the industry, it was clear that his work ethic, background and the knowledge he gained in training would equate to an excellent field adjuster. Since 2019 he has shined as a property and liability adjuster, handling everything from simple weather related claims to large commercial losses to complex multi-location civic claims. At this point it seems as though there is no claim too large or complex for him to handle. 

Dan Cole.JPG
Warren Brandon.jpeg


 Warren is our lead adjuster at our Colorado Springs office.   After losing a long-time adjuster in 2017, we struggled to find an adjuster who was strong enough to handle one of our busiest territories.  Whether it was the variety of claims or our high expectations, we simply couldn’t find a person who was willing to give the effort to stay with us long term. That all changed when we met Warren. Warren arrived with five years of catastrophe experience. He wanted to move from his home in MS and stop chasing storms, to live permanently in the foothills of Colorado. His experience doing catastrophe work was notable as he always seemed to stay at storms longer than expected. Only the best can say that. When he started, it was clear, he was relentless!  His work ethic and determination paired with his background in construction and catastrophe claims made him a perfect fit for McMillan.  He took almost no training when he started handling our claims. If he is taught something once, it never had to be said again.  People seem to love him on claims as his friendly nature and boisterous personality help insureds feel comfortable throughout what can be a difficult claims process. Warren has been a perfect fit for what was our most difficult region to staff and it’s become the norm to receive positive feedback on his work product.  


Sally and Bobby are our lead adjusters in the Montrose, CO office. They actually reached out to us after they moved into the Montrose area. Like others on our staff, her and her husband were ready to stop working catastrophe claims and settle down in one area after 6 years on the road. McMillan had recently lost a long term adjuster in 2021 and this area is rather remote, so having Sally call seemed like divine intervention!  Sally and John work as a team on claims and between her personality and emphatic attention to detail and Bobby’s vast knowledge of all things construction related, they make an incredible team. It is rare to find a team that compliments one another so well that it feels like there is no claim they can’t handle. While they are new to McMillan, our confidence in them is tremendous as compliments from carriers and insureds have already been plentiful.

Sally Trapp.jpg
Bobby Trapp.jpg
Troy Gordon.jpg


Troy is our Senior Adjuster in our Glenwood Springs office.  Troy started with McMillan in 1996 where he has shined as a true All Lines Adjuster for his entire career.  His reputation is beyond words. In 2008, Troy purchased the Glenwood Springs  and Grand Junctions offices and worked as an owner, operator and adjuster through 2022 when he sold the business to Jason & Cheryl.  He continues to work for McMillan and is simply irreplaceable. Troy has built a reputation as not only one of the best adjuster's in the state, but also the most responsive person to all parties involved.  It is hard to imagine a more capable, thorough, and timely adjuster and the comments we get from carrier staff reflect that. Simply put, there is no way to improve on what he’s built, we can only hope to uphold the standard. 


John is the newest addition to the McMillan Family.  As the son of a life-long staff adjuster, John became a catastrophe adjuster at a rather young age.  With 14 years of experience as a catastrophe adjuster, he brings to the table a resume that is littered with accomplishment.  As it happened with others, John came to us when we needed a top shelf adjuster in an area that requires a different approach.  Serving communities like Aspen, Breckenridge and Vail requires not only an open-minded approach to premium quality properties but also, tremendous knowledge and curiosity. John clearly has all of those qualities.  Pair that with his experience and you get an adjuster who’s simply capable.   

John Iverson.jpg
Todd Beren.jpg


Senior Auto Adjuster

(719) 542-4219

Todd is our resident heavy equipment and auto appraiser in the western half of Colorado. Todd came from the auto body repair industry and became an adjuster in 2015. Todd’s skills as an auto adjuster are fantastic. His drive to get prompt, accurate appraisals out is as good as it gets and his skills with heavy equipment are truly unparalleled. There has never
been a piece of equipment that he wasn’t able to get an accurate assessment of. From tractor trailers to RVs to cranes! Todd is centrally located in Colorado Springs and is available for your most difficult heavy equipment and auto assignments throughout the state. One difficult and you will see the difference between a person trying to get through a unique assignment and an adjuster who’s experience and confidence is glaring.

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